3 changes in must be paid attention on retirement

Are you planning to run marathons, travel the world, spend time more with your family, serve the community, or whatever is your plan. Retirement is sure to bring radical changes. Bear one thing in mind that with changes in life, there will be risks also included and so it means you must give a closer look to the coverage of insurance as well.


There may be a need for less or more coverage or even different coverage, while you may also be eligible for new discounts.


Prioritize your retirement taking these things into consideration:


  1. Check the discounts on car insurance and coverage.

You can save a lot of money after retirement on your car insurance. Inform your insurance company or agent that you are not commuting any more. Thus, driving only fewer miles means it will diminish the rates of your car insurance.


Take a course on defensive driving. Most states want their insurers, the older adults to have discounted rates, after 55 and more, on completing their classes.AAA and AARP are the groups offering the courses and many are available online for as low as $20.

Your coverage needs may alter if your adult children live with you. They can be in your policy listed, even if they have own cars.

Medicare Supplement Plans

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  1. Homeowners insurance company

Check with the homeowner’s insurance company as after retirement you get discounts.  You can reason that as you are retirees the risk of fire and burglary is ruled out now, as you are mostly at home.


Travel plans also can impact the insurance of homeowners.  In case you are planning to spend your summer with grand kids and with some others for six months, your home is going to be vacant. So ask for risk coverage, get an endorsement. Tell the insurer, if you have any plans to give your home on rent when you are out for a service such as Airbnb.


  1. Reconsider life insurance

Your kids have become adults, house is mortgage free and there is enough retirement savings that you believe you have no need for life insurance. Yet there are reasons to reconsider life insurance, it may be a smart decision after retirement.


There may some predictable factors, but some are unexpected such as your death. It may be a big burden on your spouse, thereby decreasing the benefits of social security and also the pension benefits, thus the burden is doubled with unplanned funeral and medical expenses.


Life insurance policies must be considered with careful attention after retirement.