Demand 100% Elephant Dung Paper from a protected Environment like The Thai Elephant Conservation Project.

Rainbow Gifts-USA was opened in 1998 and since 2003 we have been the sole North American distributors of Elephant Dung Paper products from Lampang, Thailand.  Having visited the home of all the elephants you see on our pages, we are strong supporters of those endangered elephants, their families and the children of Thailand.  Rainbow Gifts-USA is family owned and operated by teachers in central California.  We believe that we should only charge a reasonable price for the EDP products you will find here.  Hence, our art prices are sometimes much lower than other sites.  In addition we return a percent of our profits to the families that work at the elephant camp in the form of a Youth for Understanding exchange year for eligible children whenever our contributions reach an appropriate level.

Original elephant art is available now.  We now have an agreement with our suppliers in Thailand to offer you “Commissioned Elephant Art.”  Our customers can now order a painting to their exact needs and decor.  Visit our Elephant Art page for details.

Dung, poo, droppings – whatever you call it, the waste of elephants is being used to provide income to fight against the extinction of the Asian elephant.  There are only about 50,000 Asian elephants left on our planet.  One hundred years ago there were an estimated 100,000 domestic elephants in Thailand.  The products sold on our elephant dung and elephant art pages serve not only as an opportunity to raise funds for their survival, but also as an opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant.  We are adding more products every week.  

It is a sad, but real fact that the Asian elephant must have a economic reason to survive today.  We must face the reality that the Asian elephant will not survive without our help.  In addition, the people living among the concentrations of the elephants are the poorest in South East Asia.  The sale of paper and art on this site provides an income which is much safer than the alternatives of illegal logging and street selling in Bangkok.

Elephant dung paper is 100% recycled, 100% environment friendly, 100% bacteria free, 100% ordor free, and 100% hand made (well, hand and elephant made:).

Take the time to go to our link pages when you are done shopping.  You will find two of my favorite links under the Thailand category.  Visit Learning International Company, Limited to find help if you plan to go to Thailand, especially if it is education related.  And one of the best places to stop and see the real Thailand is at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center near Lampang.

Rainbow Gifts-USA donates part of its proceeds from Elephant Dung Paper (EDP) and Elephant Art to the children of the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center.  The purpose of this donation is to raise enough money to allow a student to participate in a Youth For Understanding Student Exchange to the USA.  When enough money is raised the head of YFU Thailand will make a selection from qualified children.  This scholarship fund started in June 2008 and is currently growing monthly.

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