Brief Information before Purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans

It is not easy for any Medicare plan to cover entire medical facilities under insurance. There are some nooks that have to be left even having part a (hospital insurance) or B (medical insurance) or D (prescribed drug insurance).

When is the perfect time to apply for Medicare Advantage?  Well, now at

One should avail Medicare supplement plans in the Open Enrollment period. To buy a Medigap plan health examination doesn’t require. It starts on the first day after you turn 65 and it lasts for six months.

As long as you pay your premium the Medigap plans can be renewable.

How much will be the premium cost?

Premium amount is different from state to state. As this is a private company insurance policy you need to pay another premium amount. Medicare you need to pay your premium to the government. So Medicare and Medicare supplement plans have the different premium amount.

Premium amount also varies according to the plan you choose. The budget-friendly plans are A, B, K, and L while the most comprehensive ones are C, G, and F.

There are three different types of premium modes:

  • It doesn’t depend on age. A particular amount is fixed for premium.
  • It depends on the age you purchase. The premium amount will be decided and will be fixed for all payments.
  • It also depends on age but the premium amount is increasing according to your age.

What are the advantages of the plan?

Part A coinsurance and hospital costs, Part B coinsurance or copayment, Three pints of blood are included in plan A. While skilled nursing care, Part A and Part B deductible and foreign travel emergency coverage etc include in plan F.

Which are not fall under Medicare supplement plans?

Though Medigaps are planned to cover every gap which doesn’t cover by original Medicare, there are some remains left.

It is not a Long-term care (care in a nursing home). Routine vision or dental cares are out of the chart. It doesn’t provide Hearing aids or Eyeglasses. Private-duty nursing will be totally person’s responsibility who wants to hire private care. Prescription drugs cost will not be covered in Medicare supplement plans. But in Part D Medicare is specially designed to bear the cost of generic medicine under prescription.

You can’t purchase the Medicare supplement plans if you have already applied for ‘Medical Advantage plan’ (Part C).

Some critical diseases like an end-stage renal disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis don’t get coverage of Medigap.