Diet & Drug Therapy for the Treatment of Gout in Seniors

Diet & Drug Therapy for the Treatment of Gout in Seniors

Diet plays a huge role in the treatment of gout in seniors. Experts recommend sticking to the principles of fractional and balanced nutrition. Food should be steamed, braised or boiled. This will reduce fat intake. Important! If patients have no contraindications, it is recommended to increase the daily volume of fluid (plain water) to 2 liters. If, as part of a comprehensive examination, gout was diagnosed, then patients are advised not to consume these items:

Fruits: figs, raspberries;


Fatty fish and meat;


Coffee, products based on chocolate;


Alcoholic beverages (especially beer and wine).

For seniors who’re overweight, a gradual normalization of weight is necessary. This will reduce the level of uric acid in the bloodstream. The use of drug therapy for gout should be directed to the following tasks:

Reducing the levels of uric acid. This allows you to prevent the development of attacks, to ensure the patient a comfortable and full life. To solve this problem: Allopurinol, Febuxostat, and Probenecid are widely prescribed. Drugs have contraindications, so the choice of the drug must be carried out by the physician, taking into account the associated diseases, as well as the current state of the patient.

Relief of inflammation and pain. For this purpose, colchicine is widely prescribed, which reduces inflammation, prevents the deposition of urates in the joints, cartilage. Apply the drug mainly to provide emergency care. Glucocorticosteroids (Hydrocortisone, Cortisone, Prednisone) effectively suppress inflammation but suppress immunity. NSAIDs (Nurofen, Aspirin, Diclofenac) eliminate the inflammatory process, pain, but do not have immunosuppressive effects.

If the patient has large tophi, ulcerations on the skin, fistulas, then surgical treatment is necessary. In the absence of the operation, a serious violation of the joint functionality is possible, which often becomes the cause of disability.

Gout complications:

Late or incorrect therapy can lead to the development of such dangerous states:


Acute renal failure, if hypertension or diabetes mellitus has joined gout;

Osteoporosis, which is characterized by thinning of the bone tissue;

Chronic arthritis that causes joint deformity.

If the patient does not receive the necessary treatment, the disease leads to the gradual destruction of bones and cartilage. This provokes a change in the mobility of the joint, and might as well lead to permanent disability in the patient. Medigap:Medicare supplement plans can be considered as private coverages that pay for copay, & deductible.