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100% Elephant Dung Paper

Don't settle for less.







Elephant Art, Elephant Dung Paper, Saa Paper, hand-made, and special products from Thailand.

Original Elephant Dung Paper (EDP), recycled by elephants at the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center, are one-of-a-kind, unique handmade paper products.  They are turned into beautiful, safe creations by workers in a Fair Trade environment at Lampang, Thailand.   These products are made at the Lampang Elephant Conservation Camp and can only be found in North America at this site.  Our paper makes great gifts and is 100% bacteria free, 100% odor free, 100% recycled, & 100% handmade - with the exception of some help from the elephants.  100% Elephant Dung Paper.  Don't settle for anything less than the straight poop.

The Elephant Dung Story.

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Paper for typing, scrapbooking, crafts, or art in 16 colors.

Gifts, memo boxes, fans, bookmarks, key rings, condo boxes, art tubes and more.

Large and small writing sets, two in one sets, greeting cards, Christmas cards, and money saving packs.

Photo frames and photo albums for pictures & scrapbooking.

Notebooks and journals in three sizes.


617nua-un.jpg (43865 bytes)Elephant Art from Lampang, Thailand.



elephant dung paper colorsColor examples:  By clicking on the picture to the left you can see the 16 different colors that products are made with.  The colors are numbered for easier identification.  


Products on this page will vary on the selection of color and styles.  All products are made in a "Home-based" business type arrangement in Northern Thailand and availability or colors and materials sometimes affects the final product.  We try to keep our pictures close to what we have on-hand.


100% Elephant Dung Paper - Don't settle for less.


CLICK HERE for online article about Elephant Dung Paper.


A percentage of profits from the manufacturer of EDP goes straight back into elephant conservation.  Low income families design and make our products providing many jobs.   Rainbow Gifts-USA donates part of its proceeds from Elephant Dung Paper and Elephant Art to the children of the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center.  The purpose of this donation is to raise enough money to allow a student to participate in a Youth For Understanding Student Exchange to the USA.  One student has already benefited by this fund.

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Elephant fact:  Elephants can lift 800 Kg with their trunks.

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