Never lose your workplace friends because they will still be important

Never lose your workplace friends because they will still be important

Sometimes, we senior tend to shut our doors of friendship as soon as we retire just because we may not want anything to do with work anymore. With that it means that you will lose every friend that you had made while working at your previous company. It is very crucial therefore to make sure that you keep them because they will be of much help. You will also agree with me that retiring might seem as though you are graduating to another class hence the need to avoid those who are not in your class. As much as you would like to live a quiet life after your retirement, it is very crucial for you to keep young and old friends from your place of work.

Reasons why you still need to keep workplace friends

Friends are a source of support. I would like you to think of a bunch of straws. A single straw might break while under pressure but a stack of straws may not bend easily when subjected to pressure. What I mean here is that you may not stand alone or live a solitary life after your retirement because you are not an island but just a man/woman. Friends are a source of support in time of happiness and in difficult times as well. Keeping them will assure you of that support especially now that you have retired and growing old.

Friends are a source of inspiration

There are those work place friends who might have extraordinary abilities to do something. In that case, they might inspire you to get Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2019 with do that which you may have considered impossible. There are also those friends who are old and still having that energy to push forward towards their goals though old. Friends who retire at the same time from work with you will certainly be a source of inspiration basically because they will inspire you to do unimaginable things that you might have considered difficult with your age.

Friends will make you smile and be happy

There are those friends who will always make you smile and even laugh whenever you meet them. These are friends that should never be lost. Your retirement and entry into senior stage depends highly on how much you smile and how much you are happy and satisfied even for a minute. That is the secret of living longer and enjoying your retirement.