The Most Nutritious Meal We Could Have

If there’s one way to get a healthy and balanced meal that also includes fresh and living foods, it’s a salad. Although most people think that salads only consist of vegetables, there are many ways to make healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals with meal prep services.

How is that possible?! You can’t have enough protein or fatty oil in a salad, so how is that possible? How can it supply enough carbohydrates and fats for you to eat? These are all essential nutrients for the body, so it would seem that a simple salad cannot provide enough. This view is inaccurate and does not reflect the variety of dishes that can be called “salad”.

Take, for example, a “quinoa-salad”. There are many variations to this theme, but what is important is that quinoa be used. A delicious, ancient grain with a lot to offer in terms of nutrition. It is high in fiber, protein, and has tons of nutrients. It works well with vegetables, fruits and nuts as well as any kind of dressing. To maintain texture in salads, it can be cooked to very tender (al dente), or you can leave it with a little bite (very tender). This will allow it to absorb enzymes and flavorings from raw veggies, dressings, fruits, or other ingredients.

This is just one of the many grains that can be used to make a delicious salad. There are many grains that, when mixed with chopped greens, herbs, and tossed into a well-made salad dressing, can deliver plenty of nutrition. When nuts and oil are added, the picture becomes complete.

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