There are Benefits to traveling far away for treatment

Many men and women fly thousands of miles to a rehab facility for drug & alcohol treatment. In order to combat this life-shattering disease, they literally put everything in their lives on hold. What is the reason? Why send your kids away to grandmother’s for 60-90 days when you fly thousands of miles for medical treatment? Why would someone take the whole semester to go on such an adventure? Why would someone take a leave of medical absence to do such a thing, visit us?

It’s vital to realize that if you haven’t dealt with addiction before, either in your life, or that of a loved one, friend or co-worker, there’s no human disease that can compare. It is true that no other condition (or disease, or whatever term you prefer) impacts the person AND his/her family at such an extensive, holistic level. That includes on a physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual basis. Other diseases do not encompass as many factors in the lives of their sufferers.

It is important to separate yourself from your current lifestyle in order to address the root causes of addiction and alcoholism. The person must put all of the things that are important to them on hold in residential treatment. This includes their family, kids, spouses, parents, siblings, friends and finances. It’s common to hear a saying about addiction & alcoholicism treatment: “Whatever is placed before your recovery will be lost.” Yes, you must put your recovery before everything else, including your children, family and livelihood. The real addicts or alcoholics will find that these things are not enough to help them stay clean & sober.

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